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{October 27, 2009}   So where’s my money?

I’ve decided to start with TC’s money issues.

First off, I am an on campus resident. I live in one of the oldest buildings, in the sense it hasn’t been renovated in 50 years and was built in 1865. I do not use the school’s on campus cafeteria, and yet they force me to buy their meal plans.

All of this comes to approximately $27,000

When I started here, tuition, room, and board only cost about $25,000, which, for a private college, isn’t a totally bad price. However, within three years, the charges increased. I can live with the increase in prices, inflation and all creating problems for the school. But probably what irritates me the most is how they deal with scholarships.

I have probably earned around $24,000 each year in scholarships, with $11,000 of it being a scholarship specifically from Tusculum. But I don’t get to use all $24,000, let me explain:   At first, I had workstudy and I had two loans. It horrified my mom when early registration rolled around and the lady from the business office asked her “would you like to pay the $2000 in full or in payments?” When I had recieved my award letter, they failed to mention that my workstudy wouldn’t be directly applied and that my parents would have to pay to make up for it till I worked that money off. I managed to recieve another scholarship, and it was well worth my time. However, the school decided that I could either have a scholarship or workstudy. Of course, the scholarship! So the first year was taken care of. However, they had to eventually give me back the over-charged $2000. Last year and this year I had earned approximately $2500 more in smaller private scholarships. Instead of it all running together and paying off my year, the school deducts it from my main Tusculum scholarship. As soon as those scholarships were at the end of their time, the Tusculum scholarship returned to its originally given amount. No matter how many scholarships I get, I can never use more than $22,000 at a time, even though the grand total of dues keeps increasing.

I have several questions pertaining to this:

First, why deduct from my main scholarship? It seems you can waste money elsewhere, so why not give me my money that I earned? I worked very very hard for all the money I get, and it annoys me that I can not use it to its fullest.

Secondly, I could understand deductions if the school was in serious trouble, but its not, and if anything, it seems like you people enjoy throwing money away like old paper?

Not to mention, why do I have to buy a meal plan? It would save me and the school money, one less mouth they are forced to feed and less food they have to cook. I don’t know of many colleges that enforce a meal plan, just suggest it or have more options.

Also, what about professors? I’ve heard them complain about how they simply don’t get paid well enough or get enough funds for their classes.

According to Tusculum’s own website, this year, we recieved 370 new students, an increase of 5.7%.  We’re looking at an extra $9,990,000. So where’s all that money gonna go?



Welcome to my Rant. I talk about anything and everything that comes across my mind. There’ll be more blogs later as I come across more problems to talk about =D

Have fun!

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